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When Is A Gig Not A Gig (and other musical conundrum’s)

What a week that was for MAXIMUM VOLUME – a record breaking one no less!

Our review on MAXIMUM VOLUME REVIEWS of the stellar Prince gig at the LG Arena attracted more views than any other review we’ve ever written in the the three years we’ve been doing this. It is now well over 600, which is quite incredible. What this shows – aside from the fact that the tiny little purple man is still a huge draw – is the power of social media. The review was read all around the world, from the US to Sweden and even South Korea, so anyone who still doesn’t see why their band has to have a presence there, really needs to contact us!

The following night we saw a quite incredible spectacle and if you haven’t seen the US band Augustines live, rectify that forthwith. The review got another excellent response, as most seem to do since we changed them to be the fastest we could.

We still have the Courtney Love gig in Brum tonight at the time of writing, before another eclectic mix this week.

Starting on Wednesday at The Roadhouse with a varied bill, which is topped by Whorion but includes our local favourites Eradiaktor and The Mighty Wraith too. Try and get to support them if you possibly can, because these guys are seriously good.

Thursday we are at Eden’s Curse at the Slade Rooms, with support courtesy of the ever fantastic Hils at Ovation – a couple of her bands are on, including the very marvellous Glassbullet, so get there for that too.

Then on Friday there’s something very odd. Elvis is playing the Symphony Hall – now, MAXIMUM VOLUME has a serious Elvis thing going on and always has had, but this gig is apparently seeing him playing with a backing band while his piped in as a type of hologram. It’s either going to be ace. Or awful. There will be no inbetween.

We have been told it’s good, so we will see. Still not sure whether to review it or not either….