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MAXIMUM VOLUME Decamps To Bloodstock

Later this week MAXIMUM VOLUME GROUP is making its annual move to the hollowed turf of Catton Hall, Derbyshire, where its Bloodstock time again.

It scarcely seems possible that it’s a year since Slayer finished their set on that Sunday night, but it is, and everyone behind Bloodstock – as well as us – are ready to do it all again.

In many ways, the ethos of the festival mirrors our own, in that it doesn’t matter whether it’s a big, world renowned band (and Sunday’s headliners this year Megadeth certainly fall into that category) or the smallest band on New Blood stage, all are just as important.

This year is a special one for us at MAXIMUM VOLUME too, as it’s the first Bloodstock since we started the PR side of the business and it also is the first time we’ve tried to review a large scale event LIVE.

We trialled this to a degree at the recent Calling Festival and the Midlands Metalheads charity event, and it proved very successful, so we’ll be updating our reviews throughout the day over on MAXIMUM VOLUME REVIEWS

MV is also extremely excited to announce that we are reviewing THE SELF TITLED and NO SIN EVADES HIS GAZE at the request of their management and also will be keeping a close eye on Midlands favourites ERADIKATOR and ACELDAMA when they make their appearances.

Finally for the fantastic announcements is that our reviews will be shared by MIDLANDS METALHEADS across their social media – thanks to Adam and they guys there.

See you there!


Exciting Times Ahead For Maximum Volume PR!

Since we launched in early May things have been very exciting for us at Maximum Volume PR, we have spoken to many bands and met some really cool people – and more importantly heard loads of great music!

Now we are taking things up a notch (and how do you get past MAXIMUM VOLUME you just get one louder, don’t you?) in the coming weeks we will be announcing that we are working with some fantastic artists, some great promoters and are helping with a huge project together with one of the most respected organisations in UK metal.

Maximum Volume is not just a job, it’s a passion and we are going to achieve great things.

Believe us when we say, the rest of the year is going to be amazing – to get on board contact us now because