So you have an event, you’ve planned it for months and everything’s ready.

Have you really had time to work on the PR for it?

All too often organisers neglect the promotion, but that is every bit as important as having the right acts. It’s very¬†easy to forget – after all you have a million things to think about, and anyway the bill is good so people are bound to turn up….aren’t they?

Unfortunately, though, this approach of “I’ve built it so they will come” doesn’t work. You cannot just cross your fingers and hope.

Good job then that MAXIMUM VOLUME PR is at hand. We have been promoting specific events for years and we know how to do it effectively and we can dramatically increase your exposure, which should in turn increase the attendance.

Promoting an event is a different type of work than promoting an album or a tour, but MAXIMUM VOLUME PR is the perfect place to get your big day talked about, with a campaign of at least three months in length (usually) we will make sure that everyone who needs to know about all your hard work does just that!