Free Concert Reviews

At MAXIMUM VOLUME PR we are just music fans, that is how we started and that is what we always be, so to celebrate that we will offer any band – whether they use us for their PR or not – a free review of any of their concerts.

Maximum Volume PR started as an offshoot of MAXIMUM VOLUME REVIEWS, a website we still run and attracts well over 1500 people each month, making it the most viewed site of its type anywhere in the UK.

We will come to your show, review it and put it on the site so that our 1000+ Twitter followers, all of whom are rock and metal obsessed.

Sounds good? Course it does! And best of all there’s no catch (well ok, just one little one, you have to give us your email address – but it’s not a bad deal.)

Where else do you get something for nothing? Only at MAXIMUM VOLUME PR

Contact us today for your FREE gig review.

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