What We Do

You would be surprised how many bands think they don’t need PR to get their songs into the public domain.

These days that is a misguided view. Unless you are very lucky record companies won’t help you, so unless you want to play your brilliant new songs to only your mates then you need to find some way to get your music out to the world.

The good news is that in the age we live in its never been easier to get connected to billions of people in minutes, and as long as you hit the right people, each one of these is a potential customer.

At MAXIMUM VOLUME PR it’s our job to find those people and get them listening to your music.

So whether you want a one off press release for something specific, a longer campaign for an album or tour, someone to do your social media, get you a brand new website, sort out your merchandising or just consult and give you advice, then get in touch.

Everything sounds better at MAXIMUM VOLUME.