Press Releases

In a band? Don’t have a press release?┬áDon’t know why you need one or what a press release is?

Ok – that might sound strange, but you would be surprised how many bands haven’t got anything to send to journalists except some links to their music (and if you haven’t got those then you REALLY need our help) what about some context?

The fact is, though, that if you want to stand out then you need something a bit more substantial. You need to give a journalist a reason to cover your band – and unfortunately talent isn’t enough.

What about something professionally produced and written that tells the person receiving it something about your band, what you do and why they should cover you?

We can help with this, because, if there’s one thing we know at MAXIMUM VOLUME PR its how to get a press release published.

Our packages come in variety to suit every band’s differing circumstances, if you just want something you can send at a moment’s notice then we can do that for you. If you have got something special to say then we can do a special one-off article and if you want the whole thing, a targeted press release writing and sending to all relevant magazines, websites, blogs and radio stations (and just about anywhere else we can think of!) then no problem there either.

Talk to MAXIMUM VOLUME PR today – because everything sounds better at Maximum Volume.