Tour Campaigns

Tours are increasingly the most important thing for any rock band. That is not just true of young bands, but established acts too.

As we all know with the amount of money from record sales decreasing, that more and more you need to rely on touring to make up the shortfall and to get your band heard.

But – and let’s be blunt about this – unless you get a crowd to watch you play then, aside from being good fun, the whole thing is pointless.

At MAXIMUM VOLUME PR we recognise just how important it is to get the word out about your upcoming live shows and we will work with you to make that happen in the most effective manner.

If you buy a tour package from us we will:

Ensure tour dates are displayed prominently on social media
Send out targeted press campaigns to relevant online and print publications in the areas where the gigs take place
Target your band to relevant national publications and websites
Create a buzz on social media while you are on tour
Ensure that at least one of the gigs is reviewed on respected blogs and websites

We will do this whether you are the support band or the main act.

And it doesn’t matter whether you are a part time band who tours once or twice a year, or a hardworking act who is playing hundreds¬†of shows a year, MAXIMUM VOLUME PR can help.

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