Website Content

Having a website is great. Its a fantastic place for your fans to find out all about you. As we said elsewhere on MAXIMUM VOLUME PR, having accounts on social media isn’t enough if you are going to look like a credible outfit.

However, it can be counter-productive if you don’t keep your website updated.

A genuine example is a US metal band who was touring over here (and we were going to watch) who hadn’t updated their site for three years. The gig we were at was sparsely attended. Who knows whether the lack of activity on their site contributed to this, but what we can say for sure is it didn’t help.

But we know it can be difficult to find the time to update theses things, time is against you, and a band should be about making music.

Which is why MAXIMUM VOLUME PR is happy to help. We  have written websites for a living for years, so we can make sure your site is constantly updated and packed with news.

Not only will this mean your fans can engage with you, it will also help in terms of your Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media (which are also things we can look after).