Who We Are

If we said that MAXIMUM VOLUME PR had given our lives to listening to, reading about and talking about rock, metal, prog and blues music you might say “so what, how will that help my band?” and you would be quite correct.

If we tell you that at MAXIMUM VOLUME PR we couple that encyclopedic knowledge of loud, exciting music with decades of writing experience, you might be a little bit more interested, right?

If we also said that for the last 10 years we have been working in media for the largest organisation of its type in Europe, that we have a track record of creating, writing, and developing press campaigns nationally and internationally, and have worked as freelance writers for some of the biggest magazines in the UK, as well as being prolific bloggers and reviewers, now perhaps you can see how MAXIMUM VOLUME can get your music heard.

Now we want to give you the benefit of our experience and skills, so you can get on with on with what you do best.

At MAXIMUM VOLUME PR we know your market – because we are your market. We know how to get your band exposure – because it’s been our job for years.

Get in touch today to find out how we can help you, because everything sounds better at MAXIMUM VOLUME